[VOIPSEC] Privacy Commerce Project

Jonathan Zar secretary at voipsa.org
Wed Jul 16 13:17:57 EDT 2008

Dear Technical Advisory Board and Members: 
At IPTCOMM 2008 http://iptcomm.org several new candidate projects for VOIPSA
were suggested.
This note is to invite your feedback and comments on one of the projects:
The Privacy Commerce Project
Kindly reply directly to secretary at voipsa.org if you are interested in
seeing this project proceed or if you or your organization might want to
All VOIPSA projects are open and collaborative.

Privacy Commerce Project
The purpose of this project is to improve the public trust in using IMS
services for lawful communication.  These services include current and next
generation web services that converge: voice, video, chat, social
networking, and other applications.  The public consistently polls in favor
of privacy interests and is willing to pay for some measure of privacy
either in fees or benefits.  Industry sector regulation of privacy and data
security increase year-by-year.  Missing are the market enablers for a
commercial market in IMS based privacy solutions.

1.  Explicate the technical requirements for general privacy solutions for
lawful communications.
2.  Enable the technical infrastructure.
1.  The public gains confidence in social networking and new services on
2.  National and local governments gain improvements in domestic and
cross-border security.
3.  Industry and carriers benefit profitably in satisfying business and
consumer needs for privacy. 
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