[VOIPSEC] Secure IMS Billing Project

Jonathan Zar secretary at voipsa.org
Wed Jul 16 13:14:17 EDT 2008

Dear Technical Advisory Board and Members:
At IPTCOMM 2008 http://iptcomm.org several new candidate projects for VOIPSA
were suggested.
This note is to invite your feedback and comments on one of the projects:
The Secure IMS Billing Project
Kindly reply directly to secretary at voipsa.org if you are interested in
seeing this project proceed or if you or your organization might want to
All VOIPSA projects are open and collaborative.

Secure IMS Biling Project
The purpose of this project is to enhance IMS billing for improved security
to support the new business models enabled by next generation networks.
These models will include secure advertising, micropayments, presence,
location, and transaction billing.  Current CDR information is already
vulnerable and next generation billing models will capture more detail than
historic billing and will require even greater security then today.  VoIP
and IMS security research in collaboration with OSS/BSS research is required
to assure carriers and the public that future generation billing systems can
be trusted.

1.    Collaborate on new service delivery billing elements, workflows, and
enabled security of data and data exchange around next generation OSS/BSS
systems for IMS.
2.    Generate the learning and input for standards to assure a smooth
transition to secure and enhanced IMS services for all market participants.

1.  The public gains confidence in a trustable commerce model for IMS.
2.  National and local governments gain improvements in new business growth
and reduction in disputes within their jurisdictions.
3.  Industry and carriers benefit through reliable carrier services that
support next generation web commerce.
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