[VOIPSEC] H.235, substandard of H.323

Michael Billerbeck Michael.Billerbeck at gmx.de
Mon Dec 11 17:55:22 GMT 2006

Hello all members of list,

version 6 of H.323 was officially approved in June 2006.
H.235 is the substandard for security in H.323 and there are several documents/parts:

H.235.0 Security framework for H-series
H.235.1-5 cover signaling security
H.235.6-8 cover media stream security
H.235.9 Security Gateway Support for H.323

There have been annexes D-I for security before.
But when exactly was the change from these annexes D-I to these "parts" H.235.0-9? Was it from H.323 Version 5 to Version 6 or was it already before?

It's also said that "security-related documents have also been significantly enhanced and the H.235 document was entirely restructured."
Are there more details? I only know that "support has been added for SRTP". 

Thanks in advance,
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