Shall We Play a Game?

HD Moore of Metasploit Project fame has just released a new set of free War Dialing tools called WarVOX.  What makes these new tools so interesting is that they leverage VoIP service providers to scan and analyze hundreds of phone numbers, finding modems, faxes, voice mail boxes, PBXs, loops, dial tones, IVRs, and forwarders much much faster than any modem ever could.  Check out the WarVOX screenshots which show the interface and slick reporting features.

1 thought on “Shall We Play a Game?

  1. scm

    As with much of HDM’s work, this tool will raise ire and neck hairs, but will result in greater awareness. Using this tool in conjunction with other wardialing tools will increase pentester/auditor effectiveness and cut time on the wire for sure.

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