W3C Voice Biometrics workshop coming up in March

Through a colleague of mine, Dan Burnett, I just learned about an upcoming W3C Biometrics workshop in March in California around the subject of “Speaker Identification and Verification (SIV)”. As Dan writes:

To get more information from the knowledgeable public, W3C is holding a workshop to “identify and prioritize directions for SIV standards work as a means of making SIV more useful in current and emerging markets. ” The workshop will be held in early March at SRI in Menlo Park, California.

Although the paper submission deadline has passed, if you were unaware of this workshop and are dying to attend, please email member-siv-submit@w3.org as described in the Call for Participation.

More information can also be found on the W3C Biometrics Workshop site. Sounds like an interesting conference to attend… (Dan Burnett will be there, but I will not).

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