Webinar on SIP Security on Thurs, Sept 11, by Audiocodes and Interactive Intelligence

Many of you may have received this in your email inbox – Audiocodes and Interactive Intelligence are jointly sponsoring a TMCnet webinar on Thursday, September 11, 2008, at 12noon US Eastern time called “Do You Know Who is Listening? – The Truth of Enterprise SIP Security The abstract is here:

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has emerged as the predominant protocol for VoIP deployments. While SIP is gaining headway in the IP communications market, any new technology brings with it some inherent security challenges. In this webinar, we discuss these challenges, the misconceptions surrounding SIP Security, and examine the tools available to counter them. This session will also explore robust solutions that not only tackle security threats, but also empower businesses to proactively protect their networks from current and future attacks. Included in this webinar, we will examine the Interactive Intelligence suite of products as a communications platform case study that empowers businesses to tackle security threats while maintaining affordability and performance.

Obviously it is a vendor presentation with the associated perspective, but for those wishing to attend, you can register online.

[VOIPSA is a vendor-neutral organization and we do not endorse or recommend solutions from any particular vendors. However, as our interest is in elevating the level of discussion about VoIP security issues in general, we are glad to post notices here about upcoming vendor presentations.]

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3 thoughts on “Webinar on SIP Security on Thurs, Sept 11, by Audiocodes and Interactive Intelligence

  1. HJ

    Thanks for the info Dan. But I couldn’t register through the above link. It brought me to the registration page but when I submit my info, I got some error about ‘it could not find in the database’ or something like that. So i went to the TMCnet site and registered through that. Below is think to the TMCnet.


  2. Dan York Post author


    Thanks for the correction! I’ve now updated the link in the article. I just copied/pasted the link from the email I received and it figures that they would naturally have that linked to some ID so that they could track where the links came from.


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