Nortel launches Voice Security Technology Blog

nortelvoicesecurityblog.jpgI recently learned that Nortel has launched their “Voice Security Technology Blog“. Their initial post outlines their goals for the blog. They only have two posts up so far but we’ll be interested to watch the blog and see what they do with it.

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1 thought on “Nortel launches Voice Security Technology Blog

  1. Rick Jordan

    Check out Mark Collier’s June 30 post to Nortel’s Voice Security Blog. Mark points out that in SecureLogix’s 10-year voice security experience with leading government and commercial enterprises, SecureLogix has seen only one real world attack involving a VoIP application and even that attack was good-old-fashioned toll fraud. Mark goes on to list the major voice application security issues that we see routinely…whether enterprises are using VoIP, TDM or some combination.

    Rick Jordan
    SecureLogix Founder and CFO

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