Australian government outlines plans to regulate VoIP

voipnewsau.jpgFrom the land Down Under comes this interesting piece, “How ACMA Plans to Regulate VoIP” (ACMA= “Australian Communications and Media Authority”):

Speaking at the CommsDay Summit 2008 in Sydney, Chris Cheah, Acting ACMA Chairman explained how the organisation was adopting a three-strand approach to VoIP which included a review of existing regulation and a new “VoIP engagement strategy” to better understand the regulatory framework and ACMA’s approach.

ACMA wants to understand how existing regulation applies to the kinds of services that are now available, engage with the industry and consumers and finally put in place a specific compliance program. As part of the strategy ACMA will advise VoIP providers how the regulations apply to them and outline the types of services subject to regulation.

The article goes on to list out in some detail the different “compliance areas” the ACMA wants to focus on. For those concerned about government legislation and how it may impact VoIP, the piece should make for interesting reading. The article also notes that ACMA has a web site focused on VoIP regulation.

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