Web page for RUCUS BOF at IETF 71 now at new URL

ietflogo-1.jpgAs I mentioned previously (here and here), the “RUCUS” BOF about voice spam at IETF 71 in Philadelphia is one of great interest with its focus on voice spam, a.k.a. “SPam for Internet Telephony” or “SPIT”. Unfortunately BOF co-chair Hannes Tschofenig ran into a problem with his domain and had to move the page to a new URL: http://www.shingou.info/bof-rucus.html

If you saved the URL or sent it on to someone, you’ll need to update to using the new URL. If you didn’t visit the RUCUS page before, please do check it out – and feel free to join the RUCUS mailing list. Of course, if you can, please do join us in person in Philadelphia!

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