Slides about Peer-to-peer SIP (P2PSIP) security now available

ietflogo-1.jpgWant to learn more about the voip security aspects of peer-to-peer SIP? As I mentioned in the VOIPSEC mailing list last week, researchers from Huawei and the University of California recently released an Internet-Draft called “P2PSIP Security Analysis and Evaluation” which dives into an analysis of security issues in P2PSIP. It’s a good overview and one I’d strongly recommend to folks. (Note – you may want to read “P2PSIP Concepts” first to understand the language being used.)

Beyond the Internet-Draft, though, the researchers announced yesterday that their slides are now available (PPT) that go into the issues. These are being prepared from presentation at the upcoming IETF 71 meeting March 10-14 in Philadelphia, so if you are attending the event you’ll be able to hear the presentation yourself.

Peer-to-peer SIP is a fascinating area of current research and it’s good to see work like this being put into exploring the security aspects. Note – the researchers are looking for feedback so if you have comments on what you read, their contact information is in the Internet-Draft.

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