VoIP Hacker Goes to Jail

Some time back we reported here about the Pena/Moore case, where a duo stole VoIP services and then sold them on to third parties, who thought they were buying a legitimate service. Pena went on the run, and I believe is still missing. The techie of the duo, Robert Moore is now off to prison. Information Week have an interview with him here.

3 thoughts on “VoIP Hacker Goes to Jail

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  2. Shawn Merdinger

    But look how much money he’ll make when he gets out of jail…damn, why did I waste so much time in school and working my way up through the ranks of poorly managed vendor security teams…seems being unthical, a criminal and doing a stint in jail is easier and provides a better pay-off.


    So what’s a mega geek to do when he gets out of prison? Moore told me his path is pretty much laid out. He wants to work for a security company and he thinks the stolen VoIP operation and his time served will be the calling card that opens those corporate doors for him.

    “The cool thing about cybercrime is when you get this much publicity it’s pretty much like a resume when you get out,” said Moore, who hasn’t gone to college and doesn’t hold a degree. “When they say, ‘Where’s your degree?,’ you just show them your prison record.


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