BlackHat/DEFCON VoIP Security Tools Update

There were a number of new tools released at the recent BlackHat and DEFCON conferences that I’ve just finished adding to the VoIPSA Security Tools List.

First, during the BlackHat Voice Services Security track, Himanshu Dwivedi & Zane Lackey spoke about attacks against H.323 and IAX. They released a number of tools including H225regreject, IAXHangup, IAXAuthJack, and IAX.Brute. Now you can easily launch many of the same attacks (as well as a few new ones) that you’ve known and loved from attacking SIP against both H.323 and IAX.

Next, Zane Lackey & Alex Garbutt debuted their RTPInject tool during the BlackHat turbo-talk track. It’s essentially a nice, pretty, easy to use GUI version of the RTP audio injection attack that I demoed last year at EUSecWest using the rtpinsertsound and rtpmixsound tools.

At DEFCON, Ian G. Harris released a tool called INTERSTATE which is a stateful protocol fuzzer for SIP.

Finally, I released my new RTP steganography tool, SteganRTP, at DEFCON. It uses steganographic data embedding techniques to create a covert channel in an RTP session’s audio payloads which it uses to transport it’s own custom communications protocol. The protocol provides user chat, file transfer, and remote shell access (if enabled).

All of the tools mentioned above can be found via the VoIPSA Security Tools List.