Skype Security Blog – Deploying Skype in a Windows domain – and looking for feedback

For those of you out there looking at Skype, Skype CSO Kurt Sauer has written post over on the Skype Security Blog titled “Deploying Skype in a Windows domain – Skype Security Blog” where he talks about the changes Skype has made to give administrators some degree of greater control over Skype.  He also includes these questions and an invitation for feedback:

However, there remains much work to be done. Some of the key questions I have for the future are:

  • What’s the best way to manage non-Windows devices (Macs and Linux) in a way that can be federated or managed in an enforceable way?
  • Should we support some kind of policy broadcast mechanism, to require and/or suggest that itinerant users on networks to follow certain policies, such as the use of a specific outbound proxy?

There is a lot of work ahead for us — not just in the policy area but in security as a whole. Policy management is just one part of the process, but it is an important part. Feel free to send your thoughts to us at or make reply comments to this posting.

So for those of you wanting to provide feedback to Skype… they are looking for it.

(Tip of the hat to Irwin Lazar who posted about this and blogged his feedback.)

1 thought on “Skype Security Blog – Deploying Skype in a Windows domain – and looking for feedback

  1. vivek dhayalan

    The gneral users won’t like the to do the instruction(i.e policies to follow a sepcific outbound proxy) that is given by the appliction vendors, rather the vendors should have some of the bult in procedure for dealing the threat in the application. managing a non-window system is a critical task, i faced some problems while installing the application itself eventhough i got a rpm from the skype dowloads, i try some methods that have given in Fedora as well as in skype but both failed, so i went for the third method, there sholud be taken a specific care for updating the websites

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