All Quiet On The Western Front

I just stumbled across an interesting article about the use of VoIP in the battlefield. Looking at it from a security point-of-view, you can see that they have all the problems of civilian VoIP, but the consequences of failure could be much higher.

To take some examples: A successful denial-of-service attach could disable battlefield communication; Defeating the encryption system could result in eavesdropping, and the gathering of strategic intelligence; Failures in authentication could result in an enemy posing as your troops, inserting their own disinformation, or perhaps they could make accredited troops fail to attach to the voice network. Network hijacking could also be a problem, where they piggyback on your network to use its resources and equipment to pass their own data.

Certainly a lot of threats to counter. I’ve heard it said that military technology is 10 years ahead of civilian technology. I’m hoping that’s true in this case, and that there’s a lot of good stuff that we can benefit from in the next few years.