Blue Box Podcast #38 available, as well as special editions on IMS Security and Netclarity

We have been a wee bit busy over at Blue Box in recent weeks, but the results are now appearing. I’ve uploaded three shows in recent days:

  • Blue Box Podcast #38 is perhaps the only place you can hear about fugitive CEOs, Phil Zimmermann, Paris Hilton, Skype security, Asterisk, SIP and the IETF all in one place!
  • Blue Box Special Edition #10 provides a great interview with Gary Miliefsky of Netclarity where we explore his views on the future of VoIP security, NIST and CVEs related to VoIP, his company’s tools and much more
  • Blue Box Special Edition #11 dives into IMS security through an interview with Morgan Stern from Lucent who had just been on a panel at Fall VON 2006 on securing IMS. We cover his views on the challenges ahead for IMS, the various standards bodies involved, how to address lawful intercept and much more. Morgan also provided a copy of his presentation and links to a webinar on IMS that he recently gave.

All that and more is available… please do give a listen and let us know what you think.