Serving The Public

What forms of social enterpreneurship would most benefit the art of VoIP and in turn benefit your company and the public ? VOIPSA wants to know. In a recent survey over 25% of the VOIPSA advisory board expressed interest in time contributing to some charitable purpose for VoIP beyond their job, family and professional responsibilities. This is high number for voluntary action and encouraging. What if serving the public helped you, your employer and the community ? What kinds of projects might benefit the public appeal to grant funding and give your company an account you could reference and leverage for selling?

  • Community VM via ip-PBX and hosted VoIP for people displaced in emergencies
  • Mobile VoIP based telephony for rural 3rd world communities
  • When WalMart was established it sold outside of the major cities. Turns out there’s lots of money there. What else would you put on the list above.

1 thought on “Serving The Public

  1. S.Meinardi

    “- Community VM via ip-PBX and hosted VoIP for people displaced in emergencies”.
    It should be good if also public schools can benefit from hosted VOIP services, both voice and video. I think my son and daughter (9 and 7 years old) can gain a lot in experience if they can share in realtime their lessons, thoughts and whatever with other students in other schools or in other countries. Not mentioning how much could save the scholastic administration (it’s cost-cutting time, at least here in Italy).
    The question is: will the de-facto monopolistic telecom company “kill one of the goose that lays the golden eggs”

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