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VoIP Security - does it exist?
Date: 11.30.2006
Author: Sheran Gunasekera

Ensure successful VoWLAN: Understand security in VoIP networks
Date: 10.19.2006
Author: Brent Lorenz
Source: Network Systems Designline
VoWLAN promises to bring a new level of cost effectiveness to VoIP. Relying on VoIP security implemented entirely in software is simply not a viable strategy for VoIP implementations over WAN.

Voices. . I hear Voices
Date: 08.10.2006
Author: Ivan Arce
Source: IEEE

Comprehensive VoIP Security for the Enterprise
Date: 05.08.2006
Author: Sipera

A Proactive Approach to VoIP Security
Date: 04.28.2006
Author: Bogdan Materna
To securely implement VoIP networks a proactive approach and an understanding of the differences between VoIP and traditional data networks is required.

Voice over IP Security - a layered approach
Date: 03.20.2006
Author: Amarandei-Stavila Mihai

Emerging Voice Services - Voice over Internet Protocol
Date: 11.22.2005
Author: Austrailian Government
Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services offer consumers a number of benefits, including greater functionality, nomadicity (the ability to use the service in different locations) and, depending on their circumstances, cost savings.

Security in SIP-Based Networks
Date: 09.20.2005
Source: Cisco Systems
This paper explores various network security threat models faced by today's Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based voice networks, and describes network security solutions based on Cisco SIP-enabled products.

SIP, Security and Session Controllers
Date: 06.15.2005
Source: Newport Networks
Rolling out a public SIP service brings with it several security issues. Both users and Service Providers must understand these issues, but the burden is with the Service Provider to offer a secure and reliable service to the user.

Security Issues with SOHO VoIP Gateways
Date: 05.20.2005
Author: Peter Thermos and Guy Hadsall
Source: VopSecurity
This paper reflects the results of a research study that aimed at identifying security issues associated with residential VoIP gateways, including signaling and media routing, implementation, operation, and network management.

Evolution of Session Border Controllers
Date: 04.01.2005
Source: Juniper
his paper discusses VoIP networking issues in different customer environments and how three-way architecture efficiently addresses the range of VoIP topologies.

Security Considerations for Voice Over IP Systems
Date: 01.01.2005
Author: D. Richard Kuhn, Thomas J. Walsh, Steffen Fries
Source: NIST
Voice over IP the transmission of voice over packet-switched IP networks is one of the most important emerging trends in telecommunications. As with many new technologies, VOIP introduces both security risks and opportunities.

Building Residential VoIP Gateways: VoIP Security Implementation
Date: 11.10.2004
Author: Debbie Greenstreet and Sophia Scoggins
Source: AnalogZone
This article addresses the implementation of security in residential VoIP networks.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Security
Date: 10.26.2004
Author: Greg S. Tucker
Source: SANS
Business concerns of implementing VoIP, components of a VoIP system, and relevant security issues and concerns as they apply to the topics, are explored.

Intrusion Prevention: The Future of VoIP Security
Date: 10.18.2004
Author: Rohit Dhamankar
Source: TippingPoint
VoIP packetizes phone calls through the same routes used by network and Internet traffic and is consequently prone to the same cyber threats that plague data networks today.

Enterprise Telecom Security Threats
Date: 10.01.2004
Author: Mark D. Collier
Source: SecureLogix
Legacy voice networks have never been properly secured, and the convergence of voice and data is dramatically increasing network complexity and security risks.

Security Considerations when Implementing IP Telephony in Enterprise Networks
Date: 05.26.2004
As we will see, already today there are technologies and products available that can be installed and used to secure the usage of IP Telephony as well as other related applications.

Secure IP Telephony For The Enterprise
Date: 04.18.2004
Source: CheckPoint
Security is an important consideration when implementing VoIP because each element in the VoIP infrastructure, accessible on the network like any computer, can be attacked or used as a launching point for deeper attacks.

Voice over IP Security
Date: 03.12.2004
Author: Matthew Tanase
Source: SecurityFocus
Careful planning and architecture, borrowed from our data security experiences, can help mitigate the risks and amplify the returns of VoIP.

Protection for VoIP Vulnerabilities
Date: 02.24.2004
Source: Ranch Networks
The mass deployment of this new technology also brings along with it many challenges one area being the security of your network.

Date: 01.13.2004
Source: Defense Information Systems Agency
This VoIP Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) is published as a tool to assist in securing of Department of Defense (DOD) networks and systems supporting VoIP technology.

Next Generation Networks and Security: An Introduction
Date: 01.01.2004
Author: Peter Thermos and Guy Hadsall
Source: VopSecurity
Any complex system is prone to inherit oversights which may be exploited in order to realize an attack. As such, a NGN infrastructure maintains a high level of complexity, which also inherits a respective number of weaknesses.

Security Analysis: Traditional Telephony and IP Telephony
Date: 04.01.2003
Author: Alan Klein
Source: GIAC
The goal of this paper is to take a step back and analyze the security implications of migrating from a traditional telephony architecture to an IP telephony architecture.

Often Overlooked: PBX and Voice Security in a Networked World
Date: 01.24.2003
Author: Chris Herrera
Source: SANS
This paper provides a concise summary of voice security issues in an enterprise.

Security threats to IP telephony-based networks
Date: 12.15.2002
Author: Ofir Arkin
This article highlights the security risk factors associated with IP telephony-based networks, and compares them, when appropriate, with the public switched telephony network (PSTN) and other traditional telephony-based solutions.

Securing IP Telephony
Date: 12.15.2002
Author: Tony Rybczynski
Source: Internet Telephony
Enterprises are starting to roll out IP telephony solutions. With online security breaches doubling every year, enterprises need to address IP telephony system security.

VoIP Security Challenges In Enterprise And Service Provider Networks
Date: 11.01.2002
Author: Steve Bakke
Source: Internet Telephony
The promise of mass VoIP consumption also increases the risk for widespread security violations, spawning a new sense of urgency to plug potential security holes now before hackers wreak havoc on corporate voice networks.

How VoIP is changing the network security equation
Date: 10.14.2002
Author: Philip Bednarz
Source: EE Times
VoIP equipment manufacturers are under pressure to design phones that are cost competitive with ordinary handsets while duplicating their quality, functionality and security features.

Eavesdropping an IP Telephony Call
Date: 10.04.2002
Author: Tom Long
Source: SANS
This paper suggests that the art of call eavesdropping may be easier that ever before. Therefore, careful consideration is required before implementing an IP Telephony solution.

Security Concerns with VOIP
Date: 08.18.2001
Source: SANS
Until the present time, security issues in the data and voice worlds have been seen to be completely separate in the minds of most users. This paper will deal briefly with four security issues that are well known in the data world.

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