About Board of Directors.Ofir Arkin

Ofir Arkin is the CTO and co-founder of Insightix, which pioneers the next generation of IT infrastructure discovery, monitoring and auditing systems for enterprise networks.

He is the founder of Sys-Security Group, a computer security research group, and an active member and co-author within the Honeynet project.

Ofir conducts cutting-edge research in the information security field and has published research papers, advisories and articles in the fields of information warfare, VoIP security, and network discovery.

His popular publications include:

  • Security Risk Factors with IP Telephony based Networks
  • Etherleak: Ethernet frame padding information leakage
  • ICMP Usage in Scanning
  • Trace-Back
  • Xprobe2 (active OS fingerprinting tool)
  • Know Your Enemy (Addison-Wesley, 2nd edition, 2004, ISBN 0321166469)

Ofir holds 10 years of experience in data security research and management. Prior of co-founding Insightix, he had served as a CISO of a leading Israeli international telephone carrier. In addition, Ofir has consulted and worked for multinational companies in the financial, pharmaceutical and telecommunication sectors.


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