[VOIPSEC] New Collection of SIP/RTP Vulnerability Testing Tools

Mark Collier mark.collier at securelogix.com
Sat Sep 20 04:47:11 BST 2008

We have posted a complete set of our VoIP security testing tools on our
www.securelogix.com <http://www.securelogix.com>  website. I described the
new tools and posted some more information on my blog at
<http://voipsecurityblog.typepad.com/marks_voip_security_blog/> .

The set includes all of the tools we released as part of our Hacking
Exposed: VoIP book, as well as some new tools. Probably the most interesting
tool is the Call Monitor, which provides a GUI simplifying use of our
teardown and rtpinsertsound/rtpmixsound tools. The Call Monitor tool makes
it possible to really time and inject sounds/words/phrases into a
conversation. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

All of the tools have good internal documentation, that describes how to use
them. I will provide some additional info on my blog in the coming weeks.

Here is the link to the tools. Unfortunately, you have to register to get
the tools. If you have questions, ping me at
voipsecurityblog at securelogix.com <mailto:voipsecurityblog at securelogix.com> .




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