[VOIPSEC] End Point Security Project

Jonathan Zar secretary at voipsa.org
Mon Jul 14 03:13:27 EDT 2008

Dear Technical Advisory Board and Members:
At IPTCOMM 2008  <http://iptcomm.org> http://iptcomm.org several new
candidate projects for VOIPSA were suggested.
This note is to invite your feedback and comments on one of the projects:
The  End Point Security Project 
Kindly reply directly to  <mailto:secretary at voipsa.org> secretary at voipsa.org
if you are interested in seeing this project proceed or if you or your
organization might want to participate.
All VOIPSA projects are open and collaborative.
End Point Security Project 
=================== ===
The purpose of this project is to increase quality and security in end-point
devices attached to carrier networks.  
Carriers are surrounded by end-point devices; devices which could, if
compromised, open the core network to attack.
Enterprises with devices supplied in managed business offerings are
similarly vulnerable.
In general there are no standards to ensure end-point security or improve
goods in the supply chain.
1.  Define a roadmap for security standards for end-points devices.
2.  Increase the ability of suppliers to source compliant goods.
3.  Step-by-step raise the minimum standards of quality with vendors and
1.  Carriers gain a measurable reduction in total risk exposure across all
customer segments.
2.  Vendors reduce future contingent liability, improve customer
satisfaction, and grow their QA competency for future bidding.
3.  Governments gain increased security for traffic within and across their
4.  The public gains significant improvement in system reliability.
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