[VOIPSEC] VoIP bots for SPIT available for research

Radu State state at loria.fr
Thu May 3 11:01:03 EDT 2007

As some on this mailing list are working as we do on defensive solutions for
VoIP, we have released a VoIP bot to be used only for research activities
related to SPIT/DOS/Authentication attacks  prevention in VoIP


The bot uses IRC/server as a command and control infrastructure.



It can perform SPIT/DOS/CRACK/SCAN /REGISTER against a proxy server.

We are not responsible for any usage which is not purely academic research.



You can download the code/documentation from the following links:  



the documentation :
and the code source : 
we can only provide the executable jar : 



We will release an enhanced version in a short future.   

Radu State



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