[VOIPSEC] Podcast now available for "The Real Risks of VoIP Security" panel from VON Europe 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden

dan_york at Mitel.com dan_york at Mitel.com
Mon Aug 6 17:06:39 PDT 2007

VOIPSEC readers,

FYI, a few hours ago I uploaded Blue Box Special Edition #19 which is a 
recording of the panel discussion "The Real Risks of VoIP Security" held 
at VON Europe 07 in Stockholm Sweden back in June:


Martyn Davies from Dialogic, a frequent contributor to both Blue Box and 
the VOIPSA weblog, was the moderator and the panelists included Ari 
Takanen of Codenomicon (often seen on this list), Cullen Jennings of Cisco 
and Akif Arsoy of Verisign.  Rather than go through slideware, the session 
was a conversation where the panelists addressed questions raised by 
Martyn or the audience.  I personally found it both enjoyable and 
educational as they all engaged in the discussion.  I enjoyed Cullen's 
"controversial" statements at the end which did provoke some response from 
the crowd.

Speaking of Cullen, I have to thank him for filling in for me.  Originally 
I was to attend but at literally the last minute I had something come up 
that precluded my travel.  Cullen was also speaking there and agreed to 
join the panel and was quite excellent.  Thanks, too, to Martyn for 
producing the episode (excellent audio!) and to Ari, Cullen and Akif for 
agreeing to allow it to be distributed.  Thanks, also, to Carl Ford, Jeff 
Pulver and the rest of the VON team for allowing us to record and podcast 
the session.


P.S. As I've said previously, if you are a participant in a panel like 
this at a show, Jonathan and I are always open to distributing sessions 
like this through the Blue Box feed. (Our only major restriction is that 
we don't want to distribute blatant sales pitches for companies.)  Contact 
us if you are interested.

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