[VOIPSEC] SANS Top 20 Internet Security Target list for2006released today, with VoIP included for the first time

Seim Eirik (UmoeIKT) Eirik.Seim at umoeikt.no
Thu Nov 16 01:49:42 PST 2006

Hochstöger Erich wrote:

> Hi!
> Topic sounds very much interesting, but unfortunately not publicly available.
> Are there any other possibility to get the details about this topic?

I think you can buy the issue, and maybe even just the article (pdf or hardcopy) from somewhere at comsoc.org or maybe shop.ieee.org. However, it might not be available until after the subscribers has gotten their copies. There is a subscription offer at http://shop.ieee.org/ieeestore/Product.aspx?product_no=019-317, if that's an option.

Here are a list of the previous issue's articles:

- Information leak vulnerabilities in SIP implementations
- Using SAML to protect the session initiation protocol (SIP)
- Progressive multi gray-leveling: a voice spam protection algorithm
- Denial of service attacks targeting a SIP VoIP infrastructure: attack scenarios and prevention mechanisms
- On the anonymity and traceability of peer-to-peer VoIP calls
- Security challenges for peer-to-peer SIP

Like most IEEE magazines, they typically dedicate most part of each issue to a certain focus area like VoIP. It's not always this packed of interesting stuff.

Signing up for IEEE membership, you get the option of selecting a 1 month free trial of their Digital Library, which holds 1,430,374 articles like this, conference proceedings, etc. This article in particular does not seem to be there just yet, but previous issues of the magazine are in place.

- Eirik (IEEE member, and sorry for spamming)

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