[VOIPSEC] Call for Papers/Invitation to 2nd ETSI Security Workshop

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Mon Jul 3 13:06:16 EDT 2006

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As new types of networks and information systems enter the scene and
convergence becomes ever more a reality, the security standardisation
community faces new challenges.

After the success of the first ETSI Security Workshop held in January 2006:

*ETSI is hosting the "2nd ETSI Security Workshop: Future Security"
on 16th & 17th January 2007, at its Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France

The main objectives of the workshop are to:

q       assess the work areas in security standardization that are being

q       identify possible gaps and/or duplication in security

q       identify future work areas, and look in detail at some of the work
on Next Generation Networks (NGN).

Topics that will be addressed will include Electronic Signatures, Lawful
Interception, Mobile Telecommunications Security, Security Algorithms, Smart
Cards, and Product Proofing against Crime. The workshop will include
overviews of the work being done in the area of security across standards
and technical bodies, along with presentations from major organisations
involved in security initiatives.

* *

This year particular attention will be given to Security for Next Generation
Networks (NGN). A round table discussion will permit participants to offer
views of the security challenges that we will be facing in the future.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge, and open to everyone.

*Candidate speakers are invited to send an abstract of their presentation to
*dionisio.zumerle at etsi.org* by Friday 29th September 2006.*

For further details on the workshop please see:

For registration please see:

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