[VOIPSEC] FYI - Blue Box podcast #12 online - interview with VoIPShield systems, WiFi vulnerabilities, more

dan_york at Mitel.com dan_york at Mitel.com
Wed Jan 18 06:44:45 PST 2006

FYI, Jonathan and I recorded our latest podcast last night and, 
remarkably, I was able to get it posted almost on the same day (12:01am):


(Not the URL I would have chosen, but TypePad doesn't give me any choice 
in the matter.)  The MP3 file is available there for download. 

This one is a packed show running about 55 minutes and including:

  - Discussion of a number of recent VoIP security vulnerabilities, 
including the six new WiFi SIP handset vulnerabilities posted by Shawn 
Merdinger on Monday
  - Interview with Bogdan Materna, CTO and co-founder of VoIPShield 
  - Commentary on a number of different news items and comments from 
  - Book review by Martyn Davies on an IMS-related book  (Martyn has also 
contributed to this mailing list)

Links to the items discussed are in the show notes at the URL above and 
feedback is, as always, welcome.


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