[VOIPSEC] sdescriptions interop testing -- looking forimplementations

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Fri Jan 13 07:26:09 PST 2006

As far as I know also audiocodes has implemented sdes, but it may be that
they have not released it in a official release.

And pbxnsip (www.pbxnsip.com), we offer free eval licenses so everybody is
welcome to try it out and optimize interoperability.


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> looking forimplementations
> Per Cederqvist <ceder at ingate.com> writes:
> > Does anybody here have a pointer to any product or program that 
> > implement sdescriptions?  We at Ingate Systems have recently 
> > implemented support in our SIP-aware firewalls for transcoding SIP 
> > calls between SRTP (negotiated via sdescriptions) and plain 
> RTP, and 
> > we would like to do some interop testing.
> >
> > Drop me a line if you have a SIP client, voicemail server, or any 
> > other kind of SIP system that understands sdescriptions, and are 
> > willing to test it (via the Internet) against our 
> implementation.  I 
> > will summarize to the list (unless you ask me not to be included in 
> > the summary).
> The only vendor that responded and had an implementation 
> ready for test was Snom.  Ahmar Ghaffar of Snom and myself 
> have now concluded successful interop testing between a Snom 
> 360 phone and an Ingate Firewall 1400.  We ran SRTP over the 
> internet.  The Ingate Firewall transcoded it to unencrypted 
> RTP and sent it to a Cisco 7960 phone (that, to my knowledge, 
> don't support SRTP).
> If anybody else wants to perform Interop testing with the 
> Ingate Firewall or Ingate SIParator, just drop me a line.  I 
> also have an Ethereal trace of the call setup and teardown 
> (including the first and last few SRTP packets, with the 
> corresponding clear-text RTP packets on the LAN).  To help 
> others implement SRTP with sdescriptions I am prepared to 
> send them to anybody that is interested, so that you can use 
> them as test vectors for your implementation.
> Ahmar Ghaffar also asked me to say that Snom is available if 
> anybody wants to do interop testing with them.  You can 
> contact him via email to ghaffar at snom.de.
> The complete line of Snom products that supports SRTP is 
> snom320, snom360 and snom300.
>     /ceder
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