[VOIPSEC] Cisco Specific VoIP Monitoring

Chris Serafin chris at chrisserafin.com
Thu Apr 20 12:20:31 PDT 2006

Yes I looked at Qovia and their $100K price tag:)

Mainly I need to see when things get unregistered from CCM

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I used to be a fan of NetIQ Appmanager, however, their product and support
seem to have suffered lately.

The product I recommend now is Qovia.  Their biggest advantage is that they
monitor audio in real-time with sensors, and can report on voice quality
issues.  Their product also tracks phone registrations and various CM server
based items. 

And no offense to my Cisco counterparts, but I've never been a big fan of
their voice monitoring products, although their most recent attempt is much
better than prior iterations.

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One of my clients would like detailed monitoring and reporting on their
Cisco IPT/VoIP network.  I need a very detailed report, not just routers are
up/down..more like MGCP/h323 reporting and monitoring registered devices in
Cisco Call Manager.


Anyone out there recommend any good programs?


I was looking at Qovia, but they want about $100,000 for their solution


I'm willing to pay for good software but I would also like to pursue
open-source if possible.


Chris Serafin

IT Security / Cisco VoIP Engineer

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