[VOIPSEC] QoS vs VoIP security

Sergey Vointsev vointsev at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 10:19:25 PDT 2006

> In this moment i'm working in my PhD Thesis "QoS vs VoIP security"
> Any person have any type of information in relation to the afectations of
> the Security (VPN, IPSec, IDS, Firewalls, SRTP, IPv6) in the diferents
> parameter of the QoS (jitter, delay, MOS, etc)

Have a look to Ethereal - open source traffic analysis tool.It can
capture all traffic and give a lot of different information about each
packet. The most interesting for you - it can analyse
not only packets, but also entire RTP streams and give interesting
statistics about packet loss, jitter, delay etc. All this data can be
displayed as detailed graphical charts.

Also available for instant messaging via Google Talk.
Need invite to Gmail? I have one for you! Just ask.

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