[VOIPSEC] QoS vs VoIP security

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We did several analysis in our papers. You can find they here:
To measure the MOS we have an opensource tool (medqos) that works with
Linphone. Here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/medqos

Any problem you can contact me,

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2006/4/19, Ing. Pavel González <pavel at get.get.tur.cu>:
> Hello everybody
> In this moment i'm working in my PhD Thesis "QoS vs VoIP security"
> Any person have any type of information in relation to the afectations of
> the Security (VPN, IPSec, IDS, Firewalls, SRTP, IPv6) in the diferents
> parameter of the QoS (jitter, delay, MOS, etc)
> I need some tool to measure this parameters (jitter, delay, MOS, etc)
> Please help me how u can because in my country don't have more information
> about this point.
> best regards, pavel
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