[VOIPSEC] Cisco Callmanagers and Active Directory Domains

Leveque, Vincent E. VINCENT.E.LEVEQUE at saic.com
Thu Apr 13 09:33:18 PDT 2006

I have a client with a number of Cisco CallManager servers, using MS Windows
2000 Server as the underlying operating system.

Should these servers be configured as stand-alone servers or as members of a
domain?  I can see advantages to domain membership, by enforcing common
security policies for the call managers.

I suspect that the CallManagers should be placed in an independent domain,
not part of the overall organizational forest.  This is a recommendation for
Windows servers in a DMZ, and I imagine that isolating VoIP servers from the
data network would require this as well.

Are there reasons for placing CallManager servers in an organizational
domain (email integration?)?  Are there arguments for making a separate
CallManager domain that is part of an overall organizational forest?

Vincent LeVeque

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