[VOIPSEC] softphones and VPNs

Craig craig at reswob.net
Tue Apr 4 07:21:49 PDT 2006

All, I'm hoping someone can help out with some configuration and/or 
solution suggestions.  I am on the design team of a VoIP project.  The 
solution we are designing has two separate VLANs, one for voice and one 
for data.  The only traffic allowed to travel between VLANs is DNS, 
DHCP, SNMP and NTP.  The customer is interested in using softphones 
remotely (business trips, for example) on laptops only.  What we would 
like to do is make it as simple for the user as possible.  What we would 
like to do is set up a VPN solution where the customer establishes one 
VPN back to the corporate network to check email and make phone calls.  
The VPN server would be attached to both VLANs and distribute the 
traffic to the correct VLAN. 

Does anyone know of a VPN server that will do this?  Another solution?

Thanks In Advance.


Craig L. Bowser
Security Engineer
SRA International, Inc.
craig.bowser1 at us dot army dot mil
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