[VOIPSEC] RE: TLS as the SIP security mechanism

Julie LeMoine julie.lemoine at uchow.com
Wed Aug 10 08:46:23 PDT 2005

agreed from me on this point, never would we design an env. using VoIP
without a strong backup or fail over architecture for an enterprise or org.
Even small biz need care in this area.  Also, not everyone is traversing
only the open Internet.  So, the heterogeneous levels of service and
recovery will/can require and be satisfied by a set of solutions that kick
in for transport confidentiality.

>From my perspective short of building a light weight protocol on top of UDP
with a little more session control, the use smart use of TLS is a good
choice for some networking env.


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For true reliability, I'll stick with good old PSTN service.  I can
make phone calls during major blackouts because those expensive telco
techniques were applied.  I highly doubt I can make a successful DNS
lookup during a major blackout, although I can't say that I've


On 8/9/05, Johnston, Alan <alan.johnston at mci.com> wrote:
> For true reliability, I'd suggest looking at the DNS - there haven't been
any outages since around 1984, and all without any of the expensive
techniques used by telcos.  How many nines of reliability is this?

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