[VOIPSA Best Practices] LAST CALL for comment on Best Practices document structure - #2 or #4?

dan_york at Mitel.com dan_york at Mitel.com
Tue Jan 16 06:16:10 EST 2007


I'd like any last comments people have on the structure for the Best 
Practices document.  As I outlined in my note back on December 15th:


the general consensus I'm seeing is that we structure the document around 
functional areas - #2 on my list in the wiki.  Based on a lack of 
interest, I'm going to kill off #1 (threat taxonomy) and #3 (tech 
components) which leaves just #2  (functional) and the new #4 (interfaces, 
based on Eugene Nechamkin's contribution).  The comments I am getting, 
both on- and off-list, are pretty much all in support of #2.

In the interest of moving things along, I'm going to say that 48 hours 
from now... Thursday morning here in the US, I'd like to proceed with 
setting up the document according to a structure - which right now looks 
like #2.

IF YOU HAVE ANY FINAL COMMENTS and want to weigh in for or against #2 or 
#4, please do so now so that we can bury this issue and get going!

Thank you,

Dan York, CISSP
Dir of IP Technology, Office of the CTO
Mitel Corp.     http://www.mitel.com
dan_york at mitel.com +1-613-592-2122
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