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Webinar Tomorrow: Securing Next Generation IP Communications Systems

International Legal Technology AssociationTomorrow (Friday, December 17, 2010) I will be participating in a webinar entitled “Deployment of Next Generation IP Security” for the International Legal Technology Association, an industry organization looking to “maximize the value of technology in support of the legal profession“. It should be fun and I’m expecting that the questions I’ll receive may indeed be a bit different from doing a webinar to security professionals or enterprise IT staff.

The abstract is as follows:

Deployment of next generation IP-PBXs and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) are the new standard. AT&T has gone on record stating POTS is dead. So are these new technologies safe? How can you insure a safe and secure environment? Recently in one such sophisticated attack the attacker hacked into the SIP provider and bounced off the IP-PBX which re-directed the calls to a Michigan number which then re-directed the calls to International Countries of known terrorist activity thus racking up over $12,000 in toll-fraud charges. Could this happen to you? This Webinar will look into the following:

  • How to properly choose a SIP provider
  • Voice encryption with emphasis on soft phone deployment on laptops, wireless and Wi-Fi devices.
  • User Authentication via third party certification (Today anyone can download an app or purchase a calling-card which allows them to display any Caller ID Number)
  • Remote User and Voice RTP Stream protection (This is a known VOIP Vulnerability)

Securing your IP-PBX can be simple once you understand the issues. It is then up to you as to what level of protection you which to deploy.

If you are interested in offering a similar webinar to your organization, be it a company, nonprofit or industry group, please feel free to drop me a note, as I’m always open to participating in such sessions (and have done so many times in the past).

And if you are a ILTA member, I look forward to answering your questions tomorrow!

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