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I’ll be speaking tomorrow, 1pm US Eastern, in Mitel webinar on Unified Communications Security

What are you doing tomorrow, Tuesday, October 28, 2008, at 1pm US Eastern time? If you are around, you are welcome to join a free webinar I’ll be giving on “Best Practices for Secure Unified Communications“.

From time-to-time, you’ll notice that those of us working with VOIPSA will take part in seminars/webinars offered by members of VOIPSA and we definitely enjoy doing so. For instance, as readers of the blog know, I’ve been speaking at Ingate’s SIP Trunking seminars for quite some time now. We’re generally open to speaking at anyone’s event or webinar – as long as they understand that there is no endorsement of the company/vendors’s products/services and that we are there to provide an industry-neutral point-of-view.

mitel-logo.jpgSo tomorrow at 1pm US Eastern I’ll be speaking as part of Mitel’s “Discovery Series” where they invite in guest speakers from the industry. You can join the webinar for free at Mitel’s site. They asked me to speak about the threats/risks to voice over IP and unified communications and talk about best practices for protecting them. Here’s the abstract:

Discover Best Practices for Secure Unified Communications

Presented by: Dan York, Voice Over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA)
October 28, 2008, 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT / 5:00PM GMT

With the emergence of Voice-over-IP and Unified Communications, companies now have incredible opportunities to provide a rich communication experience to employees located in a single location or distributed globally. But how does a company do this in a secure manner? How is the confidentiality and integrity of corporate conversations protected? How can a company be sure that its IP phone systems and IP trunks will always be available for usage? What are the issues around protecting SIP trunks or using hosted services?

In this webinar, VoIP Security Alliance Best Practices Chair Dan York will discuss the threats and risks to Voice-over-IP, the tools that are out to test (or attack) VoIP system and solutions and best practices for protecting your systems. He’ll also address concerns around SIP trunking, Spam for Internet Telephony (SPIT) and the move to push voice out into hosted/cloud computing environments and the associated concerns. Come prepared to learn about securing your VoIP system, to ask questions about your deployments and to leave with tips and resources to protect and defend your systems.

The webinar will be recorded and posted for later viewing as well. I’ll note that they also have a nice companion webinar to the one I’ll be giving tomorrow in one that HP representatives recently have on network security as it relates to VoIP.

Anyway, if you are available tomorrow (Oct 28th) at 1pm please do feel free to join into the webinar. I’ll post a note on this site, too, when it is available for later listening.

P.S. And yes, as a couple of people have asked, I do obviously have a closer association with this webinar than I do with some of the other vendors given that I worked at Mitel for 6 years and was their point person on VoIP security issues for much of that time. It will be fun to be speaking with them again.

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Blue Box Podcast #83 – SIP and Asterisk vulnerabilities, voice biometrics, P2PSIP, Aircell blocking Skype, VoIP security news and more…

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgLast week I posted Blue Box Podcast #83 and you can now either download it or listen to it from the website. In this show where Jonathan and I were catching up on VoIP security topics from over the summer, we talked about SIP and Asterisk vulnerabilities, voice biometrics, P2PSIP, Aircell blocking Skype and other pieces of VoIP security news. You can listen to it now.

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Webinar on SIP Security on Thurs, Sept 11, by Audiocodes and Interactive Intelligence

Many of you may have received this in your email inbox – Audiocodes and Interactive Intelligence are jointly sponsoring a TMCnet webinar on Thursday, September 11, 2008, at 12noon US Eastern time called “Do You Know Who is Listening? – The Truth of Enterprise SIP Security The abstract is here:

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has emerged as the predominant protocol for VoIP deployments. While SIP is gaining headway in the IP communications market, any new technology brings with it some inherent security challenges. In this webinar, we discuss these challenges, the misconceptions surrounding SIP Security, and examine the tools available to counter them. This session will also explore robust solutions that not only tackle security threats, but also empower businesses to proactively protect their networks from current and future attacks. Included in this webinar, we will examine the Interactive Intelligence suite of products as a communications platform case study that empowers businesses to tackle security threats while maintaining affordability and performance.

Obviously it is a vendor presentation with the associated perspective, but for those wishing to attend, you can register online.

[VOIPSA is a vendor-neutral organization and we do not endorse or recommend solutions from any particular vendors. However, as our interest is in elevating the level of discussion about VoIP security issues in general, we are glad to post notices here about upcoming vendor presentations.]

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“Secure SIP Trunking” Webinar next week – April 10, 2008

ingate.jpgHow can you make SIP trunking secure? Is there such a thing as “secure SIP trunking”? Can SIP trunks and VoIP actually be more secure than the PSTN?

All those questions and more will be the subject of a webinar next week sponsored by Ingate Systems (and announced today) in which I will be a participant called “Secure SIP Trunking: What You Need to Know“. The webinar will cover:

  • Security misconceptions, challenges and requirements
  • VoIP vs. PSTN: How SIP Trunks and VoIP can be more secure than traditional telephony
  • The security measures you need; and those you don’t
  • The basics of enterprise security and VoIP: SRTP, TLS and NAT traversal
  • New security technologies
  • Future-proofing your network for new security threats

Now, obviously this webinar is sponsored by Ingate so the solutions offered will involve their products. My role will be to talk about VoIP security in general and issues around securing SIP trunks. It should be an interesting session and you can easily register if you would like to attend. There is no charge.

The webinar will be on Thursday, April 10th, at 2:00pm US Eastern time, 11:00am US Pacific time.

NOTE: VOIPSA does not directly endorse, recommend, or promote products from any vendors. Our mission is to raise the level of discussion around VoIP security issues and so we are glad to participate in any relevant educational efforts such as webinars, conferences or other events. We are participating in this and other events sponsored by Ingate simply because they asked us and the events seemed in line with our overall mission. If you would like VOIPSA participation in an event you are sponsoring, please contact a VOIPSA Board Member about the possibility.

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Check Point webinar on VoIP security – June 21, 2006

Blue Box listener and frequent commenter Craig Bowser sent along a note that Check Point is offering a webinar on June 21, 2006, entitled “Cut Costs and Increase Flexibility With a Secure VoIP Solution“. The speakers include:

  • Pam Schancupp, Executive Editor, eSeminar, Ziff Davis Media
  • Debra Mielke, President, Treillage Network Strategies Inc.
  • Dr. KRS Murthy, CEO, CT Cubed
  • Zoltan Keve, Vice President, Sales, Caleidoscope Communications
  • Paul Kaspian, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Check Point
    Software Technologies

The page notes that the webinar will cover:

  • How to evaluate what VoIP systems best fit your organization’s needs
  • How to ensure your VoIP implementation is secure
  • How to chose the right security solutions for your VoIP deployment
  • How to deploy and integrate VoIP into your existing technology infrastructure
  • How to evaluate the most cost-efficient deployment and usage scenario

Obviously all from Check Point’s point-of-view. Given that Check Point is not currently part of VOIPSA’s Technical Board of Advisors, I have not interacted with anyone from the company, so it would be quite interesting to hear their viewpoint. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this webinar, but if anyone does and wants to write a summary for this blog, such contributions are always welcome. 🙂