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“Secure SIP Trunking” Webinar next week – April 10, 2008

ingate.jpgHow can you make SIP trunking secure? Is there such a thing as “secure SIP trunking”? Can SIP trunks and VoIP actually be more secure than the PSTN?

All those questions and more will be the subject of a webinar next week sponsored by Ingate Systems (and announced today) in which I will be a participant called “Secure SIP Trunking: What You Need to Know“. The webinar will cover:

  • Security misconceptions, challenges and requirements
  • VoIP vs. PSTN: How SIP Trunks and VoIP can be more secure than traditional telephony
  • The security measures you need; and those you don’t
  • The basics of enterprise security and VoIP: SRTP, TLS and NAT traversal
  • New security technologies
  • Future-proofing your network for new security threats

Now, obviously this webinar is sponsored by Ingate so the solutions offered will involve their products. My role will be to talk about VoIP security in general and issues around securing SIP trunks. It should be an interesting session and you can easily register if you would like to attend. There is no charge.

The webinar will be on Thursday, April 10th, at 2:00pm US Eastern time, 11:00am US Pacific time.

NOTE: VOIPSA does not directly endorse, recommend, or promote products from any vendors. Our mission is to raise the level of discussion around VoIP security issues and so we are glad to participate in any relevant educational efforts such as webinars, conferences or other events. We are participating in this and other events sponsored by Ingate simply because they asked us and the events seemed in line with our overall mission. If you would like VOIPSA participation in an event you are sponsoring, please contact a VOIPSA Board Member about the possibility.

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Blue Box Podcast #76 now available – Cisco, Skype and BT vulnerabilities, when SIP looks like SPIT, VoIP security threat predictions and the FBI forgets to pay their bills

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgBlue Box Podcast #76 is now available discussing Cisco, Skype and BT
vulnerabilities, when SIP looks like SPIT, VoIP security threat
predictions and the FBI forgets to pay their bills, plus listener
comments and more…

Jonathan and I recorded the show on January 22nd and I’m now *almost*
caught up with 1 main show still in the production queue (and about
10 special editions!)

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If any of you are currently at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona…

mobileworldcongress-1.jpgIf any of you reading this are at the Mobile World Congress (formerly “3GSM”) in Barcelona, Spain, this week, VOIPSA Secretary (and Blue Box co-host) Jonathan Zar is there as well. If you are there, please do drop him an email as (schedule permitting) he is always interested to meet up with others interested in VoIP security.

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Blue Box Podcast #75- VoIP security news, SANS report, Asterisk vulnerability, more…

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgAfter a bit of a production hiatus, Jonathan and I are back with Blue Box Podcast #75 where we talk about the VoIP security news back in early January. We talked about the Asterisk vulnerability out then, the SANS white paper on VoIP security, several other news items and a ton of listener comments. More information is available in the show notes.

VoIP Security talk at Ingate SIP Trunking Seminar Series next week in Miami

button_Miami08.gifIf any of you will be in Miami next week for Internet Telephony Expo, I will be speaking on VOIPSA’s behalf at Ingate’s SIP Trunking Seminar Series held in conjunction with IT Expo. Predictably, my session from 8:30-9:45am on Thursday, January 24th is titled “Seminar/myth 1: VoIP is not secure“. Should be fun.

If you are going to be down at IT Expo, do check out the full schedule for Ingate’s SIP Trunking Seminar Series. They have a good range of speakers and the seminars are free.

If any of you are attending either IT Expo or the SIP Trunking Seminar Series, please do drop a note as I’m always interested in meeting readers.

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“Hacking and Attacking VoIP Systems” – Slides from my Astricon 2007 presentation about Asterisk and VoIP security

Back at the end of September, I gave a presentation down at Astricon 2007 called “Hacking and Attacking VoIP Systems: What you need to know” which talked generically about VoIP security and then got into some specific suggestions for securing Asterisk (which I posted on this blog). A number of folks have asked for the slides… and so here they are:

If you’ve seen other presentations I’ve given, it’s a fairly typical presentation of mine with the addition of Asterisk-specific information toward the end.

Comments are, of course, welcome.

P.S. And yes, there is an audio recording of this presentation which I will, eventually, get up as a Blue Box podcast.

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At Fall VON this week – speaking on VoIP security on Thursday

If any of you are at Fall VON this week in Boston, both Martyn Davies and I (Dan York) will be there. Martyn is moderating a panel Wednesday in the Innovator’s Track and I will be speaking on Thursday about (surprise!) security on a “Strategies for Solving Security” panel. If any of you reading this will be there, feel free to drop a note and we can perhaps connect to say hello.

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Speaking at Interop New York tomorrow about VoIP security… and also ISC2 member reception

200710240512In a few hours I’ll be boarding a plane back to New York where I’ll be attending Interop New York this afternoon and tomorrow. If any of you reading this will be there, please do drop an email. Tomorrow, I’ll be on a panel at 2:45pm with Jonathan Rosenberg about “Voice-oriented Attacks”. (Side note to Interop: Please make it so that we can link to individual sessions instead of having to link to the entire list of “security”-related sessions!) If you aren’t aware of who Jonathan Rosenberg is, he works for Cisco and is a huge contributor to IETF efforts related to SIP and in fact was one of the co-authors of RFC 3261 which is the primary RFC defining SIP. He’s also the author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to SIP” which aims to help guide people through the maze of the many, many documents that now are part of “SIP”. More relevant to tomorrow’s session, he’s also the author of a series of NAT traversal protocols for SIP, namely STUN, TURN and now ICE. Eric Krapf, the moderator of the session, is aiming to make it a more interactive and discussion-focused session (i.e. no slideware-to-death)… we’ll see if we can make it fun as well. I’ve also asked Interop for permission to record it and run it as a Blue Box podcast – we’ll see if they give me permission.
Note that if you are a CISSP, the ISC2 is holding a member reception today (Wednesday October 24, 2007) starting at 5:30 PM in Jacob Javits Center Room 1EO2 – LEVEL 1. Assuming that everything works with my flights today, I’ll be there.
I’ll even have some new business cards to give out… 😉

P.S. I’ve now been public about who my new employer is.

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Blue Box #69: Linksys SPA-941 vulnerability, SIP DDoS, New release of SIPVicious, Asterisk security roadmap, other VoIP security news, listener comments and more

Blue Box Podcast #69 is now available for download. In this 46-minute episode, Jonathan and I discuss the Linksys SPA-941 vulnerability mentioned in the VOIPSEC list, a potential SIP DDoS, a new release of SIPVicious, a suggested Asterisk security roadmap, other VoIP security news, listener comments and more.

Asterisk – what would your “security roadmap” for Asterisk be?

200709250902If you are an Asterisk user, what do you see as the “security features” that it needs to have? I’m out here at the annual AstriCon event in Phoenix, Arizona, where on Thursday I am giving an “industry perspective” under the title: “Hacking and Attacking VoIP Systems – What You Need to Worry About” Given that I’m doing the talk under the VOIPSA banner, I’ll be giving my “standard” view on what the main threats are to VoIP, the tools that are out there to attack them and the best practices to protect against those threats. However, whenever I do this kind of “industry view” at a conference like this, I always try to include a section at the end that is specific to the audience.

So in this case, I thought I’d tack on a bit at the end about a “security roadmap” for Asterisk, i.e. what are the top 5 things that Asterisk developers should be thinking about. My slides are actually done (and I’m currently at 6 items on the list), but I’m not going to really post them here until I give my talk. (Come on, I have to have a bit of suspense, don’t I?) In the meantime, I thought I’d ask the question here on the blog:

What security features do you think are necessary in Asterisk?

Well, okay, I’ll list three obvious ones: 1) TLS-encrypted SIP; 2) SRTP (yes, there’s a patch, but it’s not in the main load); and 3) SRTP key exchange (sdes, DTLS, ZRTP, etc.)

But what are the other three on my list? And what would be on your list? (And if you list some great ones I haven’t thought of I’ll be sure to credit you in my preso.)

By the way, Thursday should be an interesting day (for me) here at AstriCon because there are actually three talks related to security. Obviously mine but then one right before me from someone named Mike Storella and titled “Realizing the Benefits of a Secure VoIP Telephony System” and one in the afternoon from a Patrick Young titled “Enterprise VoIP Security“. It will be entertaining to see if we are all reading from the same general pages. I’m also going to see if I can get their permission to record the sessions and put them out as Blue Box special editions. We’ll see.

In the meantime, if any of you reading this are attending AstriCon, feel free to drop me a note as I always enjoy meeting up with readers.

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