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Voice of VOIPSA is part of the “Security Bloggers Network”

A comment to one of Shawn’s recent posts made me realize that I hadn’t mentioned here that some time ago this blog was added to the “Security Bloggers Network“, which is a Feedburner “network” of blogs. If you follow the previous link, you’ll see links to the 68 blogs currently part of the network. You can read the blogs, subscribe to their individual feeds, or, if you want, you can subscribe to the network feed to get all posts across all network blogs. We glad to be a part of the network and getting news about VoIP security out to an even broader network. We encourage you to check out the network home page and explore many other great blogs out there on security.

Question for readers – what do you think of the new order of the sidebar?

Question for folks reading this weblog: what do you think of the way I just re-ordered the sidebar of this blog? The “Recent Posts” section was up at the top before and while that was useful, I thought it might be more helpful to have the list of categories and contributors up near the top on the first screen of information people see. What do you think? Did you use the “Recent Posts” to quickly see what was here? Or did you just scan down the page? (or read this site in an RSS reader?) Any comments or opinions would be appreciated. I can re-order it in whatever fashion we wish.

FYI – comments are moderated due to large amount of blog comment spam

By the way, if you have left a comment to this blog and noticed that it didn’t appear right away, it is because we are unfortunately moderating all comments due to recieving a great amount of blog comment spam (As an example, in one recent 24-hour period, we received over 35 bogus comments across a whole range of posts here). It truly is amazing the lengths the spammers will go to in order to increase the search engine ranking of their websites. The recent variants include some mundane comment as the text (such as “Great website. I learned a lot. Keep up the great work.”) but then put the spammer’s URL in the URL for the comment author (which we currently display). It’s a bit subtle in that at first glance you might want to approve the comment… until you look at the URL.

Anyway, we are going to keep moderation on until we get a chance to put in some type of CAPTCHA system or other way to prevent bots and scripts from injecting all these comments. And yes, we do realize that spammers are paying people to sit there and fill out comment fields, thereby defeating CAPTCHA tools… but hey, at least we would eliminate the automated spam – and it potentially forces spammers to lose some profit by paying people, which somehow doesn’t upset me at all. 🙂

Your Latest Blog Is VOIPSA

VOIPSA includes the world’s experts in security and privacy for converged media. That’s why you’re here!

At any moment on the clock, people somewhere on this planet are awake, alert and wanting to communicate, both for business, family and the general welfare. As VOIPSA has grown we now have members in every time zone, all working to ensure that digital communication is safe, reliable and empowers everyone.

Not surprisingly, many of you have asked for a way to talk to each other about the work you’re doing, the challenges to make security and privacy effective and a way to share related events, news and project proposals. Many of you have also asked for a way to meet-up locally and post invitations to workshops or informal meet-ups.

By virtual simultaneous presence in Mumbai (Bombay), Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Mexico City, New York, Helsinki, and Johannesberg, and frankly everywhere else on the planet, we are today announcing this web log. What you are reading is a medium for collaboration in your field without regard to the size of nation, population or geography.

We are eager to see your ideas in discussion with each other.

Thank you for encouraging us to set-up a blog.

We look forward to your contributions and reading your posts.