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Blue Box Podcast #86 out, with an update on the show

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgAfter literally a year of being away from the microphone, Jonathan and I posted Blue Box Podcast Episode #86 yesterday. The show is really just an update on what we’ve been doing over the past year, why there haven’t been new shows, what we are thinking about for the future, etc. We had a brief update on the Edwin Pena case and talked about the fact that sadly the VoIP security issues out there really haven’t changed much in the past year.

Jonathan and I have decided that we won’t be returning Blue Box to its original weekly schedule. We’re not sure, honestly, how often we’ll put out new episodes… we will see how schedules and such align. In the meantime, BBP 86 is up there for those who would like an update.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to listen and who also sent notes to us while we were offline wondering how things were going. Thanks.

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Blue Box Podcast #83 – SIP and Asterisk vulnerabilities, voice biometrics, P2PSIP, Aircell blocking Skype, VoIP security news and moreā€¦

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgLast week I posted Blue Box Podcast #83 and you can now either download it or listen to it from the website. In this show where Jonathan and I were catching up on VoIP security topics from over the summer, we talked about SIP and Asterisk vulnerabilities, voice biometrics, P2PSIP, Aircell blocking Skype and other pieces of VoIP security news. You can listen to it now.

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Blue Box Podcasts #81 and #82 now available for download…

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgAfter a long hiatus, I’m finally starting to get Blue Box episodes flowing again. I’ve just put up two in the past two days:

And I have some more special editions I’m looking to put out soon. This summer was a bit chaotic for me with a physical move from Vermont to New Hampshire, but I’m hoping things are now settled down enough that I can get back into regular production of these episodes….

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Want to learn about voice biometrics? VoiceVerified to be interviewed tomorrow (July 10, 2008)

voiceverifiedlogo.jpgAre you interested in using voice for authentication, also known as voice biometrics? Would you like to know how far voice biometrics has come from that 1992 film “Sneakers” with “My voice is my password”?

If you are free tomorrow, July 10, 2008, at 11am US Eastern time you can join in a conference call/podcast where I’ll be interviewing David Standig with about voice biometrics in general and VoiceVerified’s specific offering. If you can’t join us at 11am, the interview will be available as a “Squawk Box” podcast later in the day.

The deal is that Alec Saunders, the regular host/producer of the daily Squawk Box podcast is away on vacation and I’ve been guest-hosting this week in his absence. The daily shows have been about a range of topics (today was a great one about P2PSIP) and tomorrow’s show actually gets into VoIP security in terms of voice verification/biometrics.

If you would like to join into the show, there are two ways you can do so:

In either case, you’ll get access to the telephone number you need to call and, during the call, will also have access to the live chat session that is used.

If you aren’t able to attend (or don’t want to use the app), you can listen to the show after I post it on Alec’s sometime later tomorrow, probably in the evening.

Also, if you are interested in being on Alec’s Squawk Box show, my guest hosting is done tomorrow but drop me a note and I’ll be glad to suggest your name to Alec after he returns. I frequently participate and they’ve been enjoyable shows to be a part of.

P.S. In the interest of full transparency and disclosure, I should note that VoiceVerified is actually a business partner of my employer, Voxeo, as I outlined in a blog post. That fact, however, did not influence my decision to bring them on the show – I was just looking for interesting companies to interview and they were one that caught my eye.

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Voice Phishing – According to Squawkbox

For some weeks, Alec Saunders, ace blogger and iotum founder has been running a podcast experiment via Facebook. Iotum have created a free conference call application on Facebook (which works rather well in fact), and to showcase its use Alec and friends use the conference facility to record a daily podcast show called Squawkbox, talking about topical news in tech.

Today’s show was on the subject of voice phishing, a favourite topic of some of our friends here at VOIPSA. In fact, VOIPSA board members Dan York and Jonathan Zar (also the Blue Box Podcast team) were on Alec’s call today. So if you’ve time to give it a listen, it’s an interesting discussion, and it can be found here.

Blue Box Podcast #76 now available – Cisco, Skype and BT vulnerabilities, when SIP looks like SPIT, VoIP security threat predictions and the FBI forgets to pay their bills

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgBlue Box Podcast #76 is now available discussing Cisco, Skype and BT
vulnerabilities, when SIP looks like SPIT, VoIP security threat
predictions and the FBI forgets to pay their bills, plus listener
comments and more…

Jonathan and I recorded the show on January 22nd and I’m now *almost*
caught up with 1 main show still in the production queue (and about
10 special editions!)

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Blue Box Podcast Special Edition #23 – An Interview with Bob Bradley of Sonus Networks

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgBlue Box Special Edition #23 is now available for download. In this podcast I sat down with Bob Bradley from Sonus Networks to talk about their products and solutions, how they secure customers networks and how they are different from other similar products in the market. I believe you’ll find it an interesting and useful introduction to the company.

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Blue Box Podcast #75- VoIP security news, SANS report, Asterisk vulnerability, more…

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgAfter a bit of a production hiatus, Jonathan and I are back with Blue Box Podcast #75 where we talk about the VoIP security news back in early January. We talked about the Asterisk vulnerability out then, the SANS white paper on VoIP security, several other news items and a ton of listener comments. More information is available in the show notes.

Blue Box Podcast #73 now available for download

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgBlue Box Podcast#73 is now available for download. In this show, Jonathan and I discuss SIP security issues at IETF 70, Skype security, vulnerabilities in Cisco and Nokia phones, Vietnam’s cyberdissidents, VoIP security news, listener comments and more..

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Blue Box Special Edition #22: SIP and NAT Traversal

MD_bluebox157-2.jpg Blue Box Special Edition #22 is now available which explores and explains the details around SIP and NAT traversal. In this interview I sat down with Dr. Jonathan Rosenberg, a Cisco fellow and author of a wide range of RFCs and Internet-Drafts related to SIP to talk about SIP and NAT traversal. We explore what the problem is, how ALGs and SBCs attempt to solve the problem and how the IETF has looked to address the issue through first STUN, then TURN and now finally ICE. I think you’ll find it a very educational and informative session.

On a similar note, you may also be interested in Blue Box Special Edition #20 where I sat down with Cullen Jennings to talk about overall security issues with SIP. These two podcasts together give you a solid overview of the current security issues with SIP.

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