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VoIP Security Major Topic This Week at SIPNOC 2013

This week the SIP Network Operators Conference (SIPNOC) takes place in Herndon, Virginia, and the SIPNOC agenda turns out to have a great focus on security as it relates to VoIP and IP-based communications in general.   The security-related sessions include:

  • The Growth of Robocalling SPIT
  • Communications Service Providers and Threat Intelligence Sharing
  • Panel Discussion: Anatomy of a VoIP DMZ
  • VoIP Theft: Werewolf or Hydra
  • Who are You Really Calling? How DNSSEC Can Help

There will also be a “VoIP Security Birds-of-a-feather (BOF)” session tomorrow evening where we’ll be sharing information about VoIP security issues and learning from each other about what issues people are seeing.

Sponsored by the SIP Forum, SIPNOC is an educational event that brings together primarily technical and operations staff from a wide range of telecommunications and VoIP service providers.  It is not a trade show, i.e. there is no exhibit hall.  It is just focused on providing educational sessions and networking opportunities.

I’ll be there at SIPNOC speaking about DNSSEC, IPv6 and moderating the VoIP security BOF and the VoIP DMZ panel . I look forward to meeting up again with many of the folks who have attended SIPNOC in the past years.   The event is not livestreamed, but if you are in the DC area and want to attend, registration is still open.

If you are there at SIPNOC 2013, please do say hello!

Speaking at SIPNOC on SIP Security – What Would You Like Me to Say To Service Providers?

Sipnoc2011 1Tomorrow I will be in Herndon, Virginia, outside of Washington, DC, at “SIPNOC: The SIP Network Operators Conference“. I will be speaking in two sessions (details here), one of which is a panel about “SIP Adoption and Network Security” and will include two other panelists from Acme Packet and Sipera Systems.

The panel discussion is planned to be about what are the primary security issues related to wider deployment of SIP at the network operator / service provider level, and what can we do about them. The discussion will be in a room full of people from various large operators / service providers.

I have my list of topics I intend to raise, but I’m curious about what you all might say… if you were to stand up in front of a room of network operators to talk about how they could improve the security of their SIP networks… or what the major issues are that you see… what would you say?

If you have thoughts, please do leave them as comments here. As I am on the panel representing VOIPSA, I’m certainly glad to incorporate comments from the wider community.

P.S. If you are at SIPNOC this week, please do say hello!

At Enterprise Connect This Week? The NSA Wants To Talk To You

Nsaboothentconnect2011If you have been at the Enterprise Connect show this week in Orlando, Florida, one of the perhaps unexpected booths on the exhibit hall floor was that of the National Security Agency (NSA). The booth was staffed by two great guys (who rapidly moved away when I raised my iPhone camera) who explained that they were there as part of the agency’s “Commercial Solutions Center” looking to find commercial technology that can help with the secure mobile solutions they are looking to deploy for the NSA.

One of the NSA staff will be on a Enterprise Connect communications security panel at 9:00am in the “Sun B” room of the Gaylord Palms tomorrow (Thursday, March 3, 2011). They are also hosting a private meeting tomorrow at the Gaylord Palms from 1-3pm for people interested in learning more. The best way to find out more about that meeting would probably be to attend the 9am session. (They were promoting details at their booth, too, but the exhibit area is now closed.)

UPDATE: The session today (March 3, 2011) will be in “Emerald 8” at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando from 1-3pm.

Good to see the NSA reaching out to the commercial sector and when more information is available about their program (they said it would be soon) I’ll update this post.

Video Summary of RSA Conference

I was not out at this year’s RSA Conference, but was following some of the conversation via Twitter. I noticed a number of good videos coming out of the event, and liked this “summary” video from David Sparks that does give an overview of some of the major themes:

David was out there on behalf of Tripwire, Inc, and produced a number of other good video interviews. I enjoyed this one with my friend Martin McKeay of the Network Security Podcast on the topic of “why is ‘cloud security’ so over hyped?”

Speaking Next Week at Ingate SIP Trunking Workshop in Miami on VoIP/UC Security

itexpo-1.jpgWill you be in South Beach, Miami, next week for the collection of conferences around TMC’s ITEXPO event? If so, I’ll be there participating in two sessions in Ingate System’s SIP Trunking Workshop.

First, on Wednesday, February 2nd, I’ll be on a panel at 1pm about “SIP, UC and Security”. We’ve done this panel at other ITEXPO events and it has always created some interesting conversations and discussions.

The following morning, February 3rd, at 9am, I’ll be part of a panel on “Unified Communications” where security will be one of the many factors discussed.

If you are down in Miami for ITEXPO, the Cloud Communications Summit, Digium/Asterisk World or any of the other events, please do stop by and say hello… or find me down at one of the sessions I’m in (my schedule is online). You can always email me or ping me on Twitter.

Unified Communications Security Presentation at SpeechTEK NY, Aug 2nd

hearmeatstek-1.jpgIf any of you will be at the SpeechTEK conference in New York August 2-4, I’ll be there and giving a presentation on Monday, August 2nd, at 4:15 about Unified Communications security. The panel abstract is:

As applications move into the multichannel and interconnected world, what are the security concerns you need to consider? Aaron Fisher enumerates the best practices for information security with speech applications and the benefits of tuning in a secure environment. Dan York, author of the bestselling book The Seven Deadliest Unified Communication Attacks, will discuss the major risk areas of unified communications, what steps you can take to mitigate/reduce those risks, a checklist of questions to consider in your implementation, and a look at the future in an increasingly interconnected and converged network.

I’ll be naturally covering some of the topics in my book and talking about overall communication security, VoIP security, cloud security, etc. Not sure if I’ll be able to make a recording of it available later, but will do so if I can. If you are going to be at the show, please do say hello. (More info on what I’m doing on the show can be found here.)

If you found this post interesting or helpful, please consider either subscribing via RSS or following VOIPSA on Twitter.

New Threats, Old Friends

On a lightning visit to the Infosec show in London, I chanced to meet with Ari Takanen of Codenomicon (fuzzing and quality assurance experts). Ari has a new book out: “Fuzzing for Software Security Testing and Quality Assurance”, from Artech House, available at and (as they say) all good bookstores. Of course, just because there’s a credit crunch doesn’t mean that security is any less of a problem, and it doesn’t mean that software defects are any the better. It sounds like Codenomicon have a pretty good market niche.

Enigma Machine

Facetime were talking about their new Unfied Security Gateway. This appliance goes beyond URL blocking and reporting, and implements reporting for VoIP and Skype, and the whole range of IM and P2P applications. In addition they have some pretty granular tools for finding out what the usage of social sites like Facebook (FB) and Myspace, and the resulting bandwidth usage might be. You can even drill down into the subsections being used (apps, music etc), which will be useful as increasingly FB is used for legitimate messaging and networking purposes in business. Facetime’s “special guest” on the stand was an original Engima encryption device, brought down from Bletchley Park (a.k.a “Station X”), the UK’s premier code-breaking museum. This is a refurbished and fully working Enigma, and on the Facetime stand they were even allowing us to have a go. I can report that it is satisfyingly mechanical to use.

AEP were also there showing some high-grade encryption equipment for enabling remote sites with access to secure systems. Law enforcement and government customers have a legal duty to protect the data that they handle, which and even remote users (or temporary sites) must protect data from snooping. Data at rest is a particular risk, and UK government agencies have embarrassingly lost large numbers of laptops and pen drives in recent years. It’s safer to leave the data in the secure site (rather than the USB stick) and access it over secure links when needed. The AEP solution fits into a laptop bag, and enables a team of people to share secure data and VoIP links to a central site, routed over any convenient satellite, 3G or WAN links.

The Infosec show is still on today and tomorrow at Earls Court exhibition centre in London.

“SIP Trunking And Security” workshop coming up at ITEXPO on February 3, 2009

ITEXPO-East-logo-2.jpgIf you will be in Miami at ITEXPO February 2-4 you are welcome to attend a free “SIP Trunking And Security” session I (Dan York) will be doing as part of Ingate Systems’ SIP Trunking Workshops. The SIP trunking workshops are free to all attendees even if you only register for an exhibit pass.

My session will be 11:15-12:30 on Wednesday, February 3rd, and if you do attend please feel free to come up and introduce yourself (or drop me a note in advance to let me know to look out for you). I’ll be bringing my recording gear, too, and the talk will eventually go out in my Blue Box Podcast feed so you will be able to hear it later.

P.S. If you are attending ITEXPO and your company makes a product or provides a service related to VoIP security, please feel free to let me know and perhaps we can schedule an interview to go out as a Blue Box Special Edition.

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VoIP/Network Security classes at upcoming ITEXPO show

Our friend Craig Bowser recently pointed out that TMC will have a schedule of “Network Security” classes at the upcoming ITEXPO in Miami on February 4th. The three classes are:

  • Security Threat Mitigation in Enterprise UC Environments
  • Securing the SIP Trunk
  • VoIP Security Best Practices

The companies involved are Acme Packet, Sipera and VoIPShield Systems, all of whom we’ve mentioned at various times either on this blog on over on Blue Box. Anyway, if you are heading down to ITEXPO, you may want to check out these session.

P.S. And if you ARE heading down to ITEXPO, please do let me know as I’ll be down there, too.

5th Emergency Services Workshop to be held Oct 21-23 in Vienna

How does an emergency call to 9-1-1 or 1-1-2 (or whatever your local emergency number may be) work in a world of voice-over-IP?

It’s not a topic we cover hardly at all here on this blog, yet it’s definitely one of the security and social/cultural aspects of our migration to IP that we definitely have to get right. If we as an industry don’t, people can die. (Or the migration to VoIP will be significantly delayed.)

To that end, a number of emergency services experts are meeting to discuss ongoing work on IP-based emergency services in Vienna, Austria on 21st to 23rd October 2008. The first workshop day is focusing on tutorials to help those interested in the classical 1-1-2 (or 9-1-1) emergency call to get up-to-speed with architectures and standards developed for next generation emergency calling. During the second day various recent activities of standardization organizations around the world will be presented. The third workshop day is dedicated to early warning standardization efforts and the outlook to future emergency services activities.

Participation from those working in standardization organizations as well as persons with interest into the subject is highly appreciated. The event is open to the public and anyone may attend.
For socializing an evening program has been organized. There is a nominal fee of 120 Euros charged to cover the facilities cost, food, drinks, etc. Arrangements are also being made for participants to join remotely.

More information about the workshop can be found behind the following link:

This page also points to previous workshops that took place in New York, Washington, Brussels and Atlanta.

(Thanks to Hannes Tschofenig for providing the majority of this text.)

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