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A trio of new security blogs: Sipera’s VIPER Lab, Tipping Point’s DV Labs… and Microsoft "hackers"

image There have been some new blogs related to security launched lately that I thought we should mention here for readers to check out. First up, VoIP security vendor Sipera Systems launched their Sipera VIPER Lab Blog with the primary author thus far being Sachin Joglekar, their Vulnerability Research Lead (who you can also see in Blue Box Video Edition #1).   Given Sipera’s focus on VoIP security, posts there may be of obvious interest to readers here.  Sachin just put up a good post yesterday, “What we SHOULD have learned from last year’s well-publicized VoIP attack“, about the Pena/Moore VoIP Fraud case, pointing out what we should have learned, but probably didn’t, from the VoIP fraud attack.

image Over at TippingPoint, their Digitial Vaccine Labs quietly launched their “DVLabs Blog” a few months back. While not focused on VoIP security and including a range of different authors, I mention it really because TippingPoint employs VOIPSA Chair David Endler and also Dustin Trammell, a frequent contributor to this blog.   There’s some good info posted on the DV Labs blog, and those of us who enjoyed “SysAdmin” magazine may like Dave’s lament: “Sys Admin Magazine Goes Quietly Into That Good Night“.

image Finally, over at Microsoft, there’s a brand-new blog out called “hackers @ microsoft” which, in its only post so far on August 25th, says “Microsoft employs some of the best hackers in the world and actively recruits them and develops them.  They work on all kinds of projects, whether it be in development, research, testing, management and of course security. ” Yet to be seen is how often people will post there, how many people will post and what the quality of the information will be.    There’s not a direct link (yet) to VoIP security, but given that it is at Microsoft, it may be interesting to follow.  We’ll see.

So there you are… three more blogs to check out.  By the way, if you know of other new blogs related to VoIP security, feel free to leave a comment to this post or drop me a note.  We’re always glad to help promote others who are talking about VoIP security.