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Want to learn about voice biometrics? Attend Voice Biometrics Conf – May 4-5, 2010 – NY City area

voicebiocon2010.jpgWant to learn about how voice biometrics are being used today in real deployments? Want to learn what advances have been made in the technology? Want to find out how people are using it for voice authentication, identification and more?

If so, consider attending the Voice Biometrics Conference taking place next week, May 4th and 5th, in the New York City area. It’s got a packed agenda and a great list of speakers who really represent the leading edge of what people are doing with voice biometrics. (And yes, I’m one of the speakers and yes, my employer Voxeo is one of the sponsors of the event.)

The organizers of the event, Opus Research, have also really tried to focus the event on showing real-world examples of biometrics deployments. Here is a message that organizer Dan Miller sent out yesterday:

The conference agenda is now packed with use cases across many applications, verticals and government functions. Here’s the list from today’s e-mail:

T-Mobile – Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile is developing fast authentication to focus on building a better customer experience.

Bell Canada – The largest customer-facing deployment of voice verification with more than two million customers enrolled.

Bank Leumi (Israel) – Will present how it successfully deployed multiple applications for voice-based user authentication for customers and employees.

I DRIVE SAFELY – Hear how the company implemented a voice-based solution for enrolling students in its online drivers’ education program.

Atos Origin – IT services provider Atos Origin incorporates voice authentication into its “Help Desk” and holds promise for multiple applications inside enterprises around the world.

Centrelink – Australian social services agency who deployed a speaker verification system to authenticate access to welfare services.

Federal Government of Mexico – Learn how the federal government of Mexico has implemented a speaker identification program for use in law enforcement.

If you’re looking for a way to network with the people who have lessons to share regarding strategic, tactical, technical, organizational or even social issues that arise as they specify solutions, analyze vendors, define their projects and carry out their plans, attending Voice Biometrics 2010 will be rewarding.

If you can get to the New York area, do check out the event… registration information can be found on the event page. And if you are attending… I’ll see you there!

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Voice Biometrics conference May 14-15, 2008

VoiceBiometrics.jpgWant to learn about voice biometrics? I recently learned of the “VoiceBiometrics” conference happening May 14-15, 2008, in New York City. While the agenda does not seem to have anything about VoIP, per se, it’s obviously all about voice and looks quite interesting.

I won’t be there, but if anyone does go and wants to write up some information for this blog (or record information for the Blue Box podcast) we’d be glad to post that info.

[P.S. In full disclosure, one of the event sponsors, VoiceVerified, is a customer of my employer, Voxeo.]

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Lenovo and Avaya partner to link ThinkPad fingerprint reader to softphone access

Interesting announcement out of Lenovo and Avaya down at VoiceCon this week – the two companies will collaborate to enable Avaya’s softphone to make use of certain aspects of Lenovo’s Thinkpad line. Specifically:

As part of the alliance, the integrated fingerprint reader in Lenovo’s ThinkPads and Password Manager technologies will support Avaya’s IP Softphone solution. This will bar unauthorized people from using a Softphone or accessing their phonebook if the laptop is lost.

We’ve written and talked in the past about the use of biometric devices to control access, but unless I’m wrong this is one of the first times I’ve heard it mentioned specifically with a VoIP product from one of the major VoIP vendors. Cool to see.