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VoWLAN with Smartphones

The German mobile telephony reseller eteleon has presented a new offering for a VoWLAN bundle featuring the Nokia E60, E61 and E70 smartphones with WLAN and VoIP capabilities. The offering is for use both in the GSM network as well as with Hotspots (or simply with the WLAN at home or in the office). Roaming from WLAN to GSM during a call is nevertheless not an option before the arrival of UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access). The SIP clients of the Nokia models are delivered preconfigured for use with the VoIP service of the provider. The interesting thing about it: is already offering free SRTP encryption as part of its VoIP service. Though the Nokia SIP client doesn’t seem to support it, this is only a small step towards secure mobile VoIP. Should someone tell them?

You can find out more at heise and eteleon (both in German).