VoIP Fraudster Edwin Pena sentenced to 10 years in prison and repayment of $1 million

Bringing closure to a case we’ve been following literally for years since it was first reported way back in June 2006, fraudster Edwin Pena was sentenced last Friday to 10 years in prison and ordered to repay the $1 million in restitution.  It appears he also won’t be in the US after he serves his […]

VoIP Fraudster and Fugitive Edwin Pena pleads guilty

Updating a story we have literally been following for years ever since it broke back in July 2006, the FBI recently issued a news release indicating that Edwin Pena pled guilty in what we have been calling the “Pena/Moore VoIP fraud case”. From the news release: Edwin Pena, 27, a Venezuelan citizen, pleaded guilty before […]

Fugitive VoIP fraudster Edwin Pena extradited, to be arraigned today in NJ court

Following up on a story we’ve literally been covering for years, SC Magazine reported last week that VoIP fraudster Edwin Pena was to be arrive back in the USA last Friday, October 16. The FBI news release indicates that Pena is to be arraigned today, October 23rd, in New Jersey. For those not familiar, the […]

VoIP fraudster Pena’s fugitive run comes to an end

Over the past three years, we’ve covered at great length the case of Edwin Pena and Robert Moore where Pena created a scheme where he apparently represented himself as a legitimate VoIP service provider – and then routed calls over other people’s networks. When last we left the story, Pena’s co-conspirator Robert Moore was sitting […]

Telecom Junkies podcast: Interview with a VoIP Hacker (Robert Moore of the Pena/Moore voip fraud case)

Remember the Pena/Moore voip fraud case back in June 2006? Would you like to know how the attacks were done?  And how you can protect your network? First, for those who don’t recall, this was a case where Edwin Pena was alleged to have set himself up as a voice service provider and then, with the […]

Blue Box Podcast #86 out, with an update on the show

After literally a year of being away from the microphone, Jonathan and I posted Blue Box Podcast Episode #86 yesterday. The show is really just an update on what we’ve been doing over the past year, why there haven’t been new shows, what we are thinking about for the future, etc. We had a brief […]

A trio of new security blogs: Sipera’s VIPER Lab, Tipping Point’s DV Labs… and Microsoft "hackers"

There have been some new blogs related to security launched lately that I thought we should mention here for readers to check out. First up, VoIP security vendor Sipera Systems launched their Sipera VIPER Lab Blog with the primary author thus far being Sachin Joglekar, their Vulnerability Research Lead (who you can also see in […]

Phone “Phreakers” Steal Minutes

The March 19th edition of NewsWeek has an article about cyber thieves stealing VoIP minutes by hacking into VoIP providers’ gateways. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen real numbers applied to VoIP theft: ‘These thieves steal 200 million minutes a month, worth $26 million, says New York telecom Stealth Communications. With more than 5,000 […]

Archive of Telecom Junkies podcast on VoIP fraud now available

Back in July, I participated in a Telecom Junkies podcast discussing the then-current Pena/Moore VoIP fraud case. At the time, the Voice Report team had a website that only showed the current episode, i.e. if you missed the appearance of the episode on the home page, there was no easy way to go back and […]