State of Communications Security Report is Live

Here is a link to the SecureLogix State of Communications Security Report. It is currently at the NoJitter site. We will post it to our website and here in a couple of weeks.

This is the first time ever that anyone has released a security report that is focused on voice/VoIP/communications. The report describes voice security trends and includes a ton of data from 100’s of assessments, that backs up the trends we present.

3 thoughts on “State of Communications Security Report is Live

  1. Dan York

    Mark, Thanks for the link. For anyone else downloading the report, I noticed three aspects of having it hosted on

    1. I had to login to download it. (No big deal, but just another step.)

    2. It didn’t work with Google Chrome 10 on my Mac. I got to the page where it said I had requested the report… and nothing happened.

    3. I loaded the URL in Firefox and it opened up a popup (which I had to enable) that actually downloaded the file.

    Sooo… Mac users may want to try going to that link in Firefox instead of Chrome. No idea if that is also an issue on Windows.


  2. Mark

    Dan, thanks for the comments. I noticed that it works with Chrome for Windows, if you enable popups first. I will talk to the NoJitter folks about making the link a little friendlier and we will also make the report available via our website/my blog some time soon.

    I’d like your feedback on the report.

  3. Nicholas


    I had the same issues as Dan, for the most part. On Chrome, it actually said I had downloaded the doc, but in all actuality I had not. Also, I didn’t get a popup in Firefox. Also, had to login quite a few times as I could not remember which email I registered at nojitter, oops.

    I had a chance to briefly browse through the document. Great stuff!! I might utilizes some of this internally at work when trying to get people to understand the risks. Also, I hope to take a deeper dive over the next week or so, if time allows…


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