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Dark Clouds: Can you trust the Cloud? Panel on Feb 4th at Cloud Communications Summit in Miami

CloudCommunicationsSummit __ Agenda.jpgCan you trust “the cloud” to be there for communications? What about latency issues? availability? What should you be most concerned about?

Those are issues that I (Dan York) will be discussing on a panel on Friday, Feb 4, 2011, at the Cloud Communications Summit in South Beach, Miami. The abstract is:

There’s a general consensus that Cloud Communications improves the bottom line while reducing both financial and technology risks. What about from a security perspective? This session identifies the differences between premise based and cloud based offerings from a security perspective, and provides the audience with a checklist of what to worry about as they move into the cloud. This session is appropriate for both business and technologists.

I’ll be on the panel along with folks from Rackspace, Pac-West and Path Solutions and the whole session will be moderated by analyst Dave Michels. It should be a fun discussion… if you are down in Miami, do come and join us!

Speaking Next Week at Ingate SIP Trunking Workshop in Miami on VoIP/UC Security

itexpo-1.jpgWill you be in South Beach, Miami, next week for the collection of conferences around TMC’s ITEXPO event? If so, I’ll be there participating in two sessions in Ingate System’s SIP Trunking Workshop.

First, on Wednesday, February 2nd, I’ll be on a panel at 1pm about “SIP, UC and Security”. We’ve done this panel at other ITEXPO events and it has always created some interesting conversations and discussions.

The following morning, February 3rd, at 9am, I’ll be part of a panel on “Unified Communications” where security will be one of the many factors discussed.

If you are down in Miami for ITEXPO, the Cloud Communications Summit, Digium/Asterisk World or any of the other events, please do stop by and say hello… or find me down at one of the sessions I’m in (my schedule is online). You can always email me or ping me on Twitter.

VoIP Fraud Detection/Analysis on VUC Conf Call Today at Noon US Eastern

vuc-1-1.jpgIt may be a wee bit of a late notice for folks to join the call live, but in about 50 minutes, the VoIP Users Conference will have their weekly live call talking this week with folks from Humbug Telecom Labs about their tools for detecting and analyzing VoIP fraud.

You can join the live call via SIP, Skype or the regular old PSTN. There is also an IRC backchannel that gets heavy usage during the call.

If you can’t attend the call live, a recording of the session will be made available later from the episode’s web page.

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GSM Encryption Cracked – Eavesdropping Now Possible

Last Friday there was news out of the Chaos Computer Club Congress in Berlin that two security researchers, Karsten Nohl and Sylvian Munaut, had successfully cracked the encryption used in the GSM cellular network. While not “VoIP”, per se, this is of interest to any of us working with VoIP as many VoIP clients are now working on “smartphones” running on top of the GSM network (like, oh, the iPhone, among others). Some of the articles on this topic:

The researchers are apparently not releasing their toolkit publicly, but obviously word of their success will encourage others to investigate further.

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