It’s been over 5 years since the Voice over IP Security Alliance was born.  A small group of us originally aimed to fill a very large gap in the voip security landscape. Namely that outside of IETF meetings, the thought leaders in the carrier, vendor, and security industries didn’t really have many other vehicles to discuss and address security issues in VoIP.  VOIPSA was and is meant to bring those people together by promoting security research, testing methodologies, tools, and most importantly, discussion.

The need for VOIPSA is greater than ever, and we need fresh input to evolve to the next phase.  My professional interests have changed recently so that I will no longer have the time to devote as Chairman.

It gives me great pleasure (and relief) to announce that Dan York has graciously agreed to step up as our new Chairman and fearless leader. I am also pleased to announce that Jonathan Zar has agreed to continue on in the meantime as Secretary.  Dan and Jonathan have been instrumental since the beginning of VOIPSA in setting up the organization with me and evangelizing many of the issues that still plague VoIP deployments today.  Many of you already know Dan from his podcasts, his conference speaking, and his prolific blogging on Voipsa.org, and Jonathan from his industry leadership and venture expertise.

You’ll be hearing from Dan and Jonathan in the near future on the vision and next steps at relaunching VOIPSA.  Thank you to everyone I’ve worked with over the last 5+ years who have given selflessly of their time and effort to VOIPSA.


David Endler

3 thoughts on “VOIPSA 2.0

  1. Dan York

    Thanks, Dave, for your kind words and for the all the endless time and energy you put into launching VOIPSA and moving it along! Best wishes on your new endeavors!

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