Fugitive VoIP fraudster Edwin Pena extradited, to be arraigned today in NJ court

Following up on a story we’ve literally been covering for years, SC Magazine reported last week that VoIP fraudster Edwin Pena was to be arrive back in the USA last Friday, October 16. The FBI news release indicates that Pena is to be arraigned today, October 23rd, in New Jersey.

For those not familiar, the story began back in June 2006 with the initial reports that Pena masterminded a scheme to sell phone service and then running that service over other providers networks. We covered this at some length back in Blue Box Podcast #31. Then, in September 2006, Pena fled the country and was a fugitive abroad until he was nabbed in Mexico in February 2009.

Meanwhile, his co-conspirator Robert Moore was convicted and sent to jail. I had a chance to interview Robert in conjunction with the Voice Report folks as part of their Telecom Junkies podcast (also linked here) which provided some insight into how the attack took place.

The good news now is that Pena is back in the US, in jail, and to be arraigned sometime today. Good to see this work by the FBI and other agencies.

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