Blue Box Podcast #86 out, with an update on the show

MD_bluebox157-2.jpgAfter literally a year of being away from the microphone, Jonathan and I posted Blue Box Podcast Episode #86 yesterday. The show is really just an update on what we’ve been doing over the past year, why there haven’t been new shows, what we are thinking about for the future, etc. We had a brief update on the Edwin Pena case and talked about the fact that sadly the VoIP security issues out there really haven’t changed much in the past year.

Jonathan and I have decided that we won’t be returning Blue Box to its original weekly schedule. We’re not sure, honestly, how often we’ll put out new episodes… we will see how schedules and such align. In the meantime, BBP 86 is up there for those who would like an update.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to listen and who also sent notes to us while we were offline wondering how things were going. Thanks.

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