New voices coming soon to “Voice of VOIPSA”…

I’m very pleased to say that the response has been great to my request for new contributors to this site and over the past few days I’ve given author credentials to nine new authors. They represent a great range in experience and geography. A couple are seasoned VoIP/communication security professionals who have been around VOIPSA circles for a while and in a couple of cases have written books on the topic. (Some I’ve written about here or interviewed on Blue Box.) Others have been involved in security or VoIP but haven’t really had a profile in “VoIP security”, per se. And there are a couple who are brand new to the field but have some great passion to contribute.

I’m also pleased that we’ve added a couple of Europeans so that Martyn Davies is no longer holding down the fort as the only non-US regular contributor. We’ve also added our first contributor from India (or for that matter anywhere in Asia). While the vast majority of VoIP security issues have no relation to geography, there are of course laws and regulations that come up in different regions, as well as regional news items, and so it is nice to have a wider geographical distribution.

Thanks again to all who responded (and we’re still open to others) and we look forward to the additional posts they may bring over time.

Our whole goal with this site is to create conversations around VoIP / communications / UC / SIP security regarding what the issues are, what the “real” dangers are (as opposed to those sometimes hyped in the mainstream media), what the solutions are, etc. so that in the end we will all have safer and more secure communication systems.

Thanks to all of you – both writing and reading – for joining in that conversation.

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